Best Funny Simpson T-Shirt Halloween 2021

Halloween is a yearly holiday on October 31st, which originated from the ancient Celtic harvest festival Samhain. Halloween falls on the last day of the month and it precedes All Saints Day. People usually dress up in costumes and go to parties where they carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns and light them up with candles or lightbulbs.

This year Bart Simpson wants to celebrate Halloween too! Bart loves Halloween because he gets to play all sorts of pranks such as putting plastic spiders in his sister Lisa’s hair so she freaks out thinking they’re real, or turning Principal Skinner’s desk drawer upside down so that when he opens it Bart jumps out at him with a big “Boo!” Bart also loves donning himself in his Bartman costume and pranking people out on the streets.

But Bart doesn’t want to dress up this year, he wants to wear something completely new! Bart doesn’t know what he wants though, so Bart is asking you where should Bart go for his Halloween outfit?

– There’s a super cool shop downtown called Costumopolis. They sell all sorts of costumes and accessories like hats and wigs and magic kits like Bart would love!

– Okay here we go: Bart should ask Maude Flanders if she has any old clothes lying around that he could use as a Halloween costume. She’s always throwing out bags full of clothes that never get worn, there might be something real good in one of those bags. Bart can also ask Ned Flanders, he has a costume box in the attic which Bart could use to create his Halloween look.

– Bart should throw on some old rags and dirty up his face with dirt or mud then throw on some sunglasses for an undercover look! Or Bart could always go as Krusty the Clown this year! Bart would need to put on his clown makeup which Bart loves doing because it makes him feel like a real entertainer when he watches himself in the mirror while he does it. Plus Bart would get an extra hour of TV time if he went trick or treating as Krusty the Clown too!

What are your suggestions for Bart Simpson’s Halloween outfit? Write them down in the comments section below.

Click Bart’s Halloween Costume under Featured Posts to see Bart Simpson dressed up as Bartman this year! Bart sure is one of the most popular things on our website, not surprising with him being a 7-year old rebel child who keeps getting detention at school for pulling tricks on kids and teachers alike! He’s also obsessed with Krusty the Clown who Bart idolizes but Bart wants to be more like himself rather than someone he watches on TV. Bart always wears his iconic blue t-shirts with red shorts and yellow sneakers. We’re guessing you’ll find some creative Bart costume ideas in our new article below:

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