How to dressing up in costumes for trick or treats

Halloween is just one week away, and there are many fun ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. One of the most popular parts of Halloween is dressing up in costumes for trick or treats or parties.

Halloween costumes trick or treating

Halloween has a long history that reaches back into Celtic tradition. The original meaning behind Halloween was a celebration called Samhain that marked the end of summer and began winter on November 1st.

The holiday was celebrated by Druids who would offer sacrifices at stone circles, while wearing animal heads and masks to represent different gods. In addition to Druid customs, many other cultures have influenced what we know as Halloween today. In seventh century Ireland people wore costumes during their festival called Brathnachtain, while in the 1880s people in England would dress as Guy Fawkes to celebrate his failed attempt at blowing up Parliament.

As Halloween became popular in America, many different events and movies have influenced young peoples’ costume choices including Superman, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean. http://www.historycom

Halloween has a way of bringing out creativity in both children and adults alike who often go all-out decorating their homes for the holiday with tricks or treats being handed out by those wearing costumes. Many people also enjoy dressing up themselves during Halloween to let loose and have fun becoming someone or something else for a day without any consequences.

However, it is important to remember that while Halloween has been seen as a fun holiday for many years, dressing up as a certain race is extremely offensive and should not be done. In fact, doing so can even cause significant harm to those who are made fun of or teased about the costumes they wear. For example, in 2015 a non-Caucasian teenage girl was harassed by two other girls who threw eggs at her and called her ” black ¬†trash”.

This year for Halloween treat yourself and others with respect by avoiding any type of racial or ethnic costume such as Native American Indians, Asian people, Mexican maids, or black gangsters. Remember that there are plenty of other fun costumes to wear for this year’s festivities that do not offend others based on race or ethnicity.

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