Some Funny Secrets about Santa Claus

Are you in the Christmas mood yet? If not, then this article is just what you need. For every child, Santa Claus is a wonderful mysterious personage with traditions that are believed in by many countries of the world.

5 Fact About Santa Claus

Santa Claus

It seems to be impossible to get rid of traditions associated with him… But did you know about these 5 secrets of Santa Claus, which no one wants to tell you? So let’s start!

Secret No.1: Who helps Santa deliver presents around the world on Christmas Eve? Believe it or not but elves do help Santa. They help pull his sleigh and load all gifts! Sometimes they even accompany him on his journey around the world to make sure that everything goes well!

Secret No.2: The North Pole is a very special place. You must have heard that the weather there is constantly -30 degrees celsius because it’s situated at the pole, right? But in fact, people who work in Santa Claus’s workshop live under normal climate conditions! In winter they only use high-tech equipment to warm up their homes and workshops, while during summer it is cooled by means of air conditioners…

Secret No.3: Santa Claus has a wife whom no one knows about. Her name is Mary Christmas and she really loves her husband to bits! She makes presents for him and takes great care of the children around the world even though she never gets any credit for it.

Secret No.4: Santa Claus is a big fan of the supermodel Kim Kardashian! Seriously, he has even mentioned her in his list of role models for children. He wants them to be just as beautiful as she is, but not that rude.

Secret No5: And the most shocking secret of Santa Claus is… That this man never existed! It was invented by Coca-Cola company to promote sales for their product during the winter holidays!

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Thank you! and Marry Christmas!

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