The Best Disney Thanksgiving Couple Matching Mickey And Minnie Gobble T-Shirts

A Thanksgiving match made in Disney heaven! This year’s hot holiday item sure to be on many Thanksgivings tables are matching Mickey and Minnie hand towels. The charming new towels can be found at the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Kingdom or any other location for $8.95 each or you can purchase them as a set of two for only $14.90

(Photo Caption) Thanksgiving couple matching Mickey and Minnie hand towels offer a festive way to dry hands!

Thanksgiving is so much fun with these delightfully detailed chenille cotton terry cloth towels which even include tiny embroidered details such as buttons, sewn-on suspenders and fabric bows. The perfect Christmas present for any Disney fan, you can use them in the kitchen or bath. They are big enough to wrap up a plump baby! The towels blend perfectly with your holiday decor and make wonderful hostess gifts.

(Photo Caption) These charming new Mickey and Minnie hand towels measure 10 inches square when folded.

Mickey’s bright red suspenders are sewn onto the top hem of the towel while his famous face is embroidered on one corner complete with curlicue tail. His gloved hands hold a large white fluffy towel, perfect for drying dishes or taking an invigorating bubble bath. A cute cotton ball accessory adorns his black hat and two fabric bows embellish his shoes which bear identical numbers “1928,” marking this as the year Mickey was born. His sweetheart Minnie’s smile is embroidered on one corner of her towel and she, too, has an embellished hat with a fabric bow. She holds a smaller pastel pink towel decorated with tiny white flowers and frilly edging which she drapes across her dress front as if to dry her hands. Minnie’s number “1928” appears under one arm and both towels sport the same design on their reverse sides .

Disney Thanksgiving Couple Matching Mickey And Minnie

Disney Thanksgiving Couple Matching Mickey And Minnie Gobble T-Shirts

Mickey and Minnie are celebrating their first Thanksgiving by welcoming you to their home for dinner. All of the traditional dishes are there, along with some new friends like turkey, pumpkin pie, Aunt Lizzie’s famous stuffing; all in cheerful shades of reds and oranges. The two lovebirds wear beautiful turkeys on top of their heads while gazing lovingly at each other.

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