Top 10 Greatest Songs of Taylor Swift

We all know who Taylor Swift is or at least we think so. America’s sweetheart, the young country darling…whatever you want to call her has been a topic of discussion for a few years now and not just because of her beautiful music, but her relationships as well.

Top 10 Songs Of Taylor Swift

Whether it was John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal there seems to always be something going on in the media with her love life because it’s easily accessible for them. Especially since she pretty much tells everybody about it herself through songs that go into detail about said relationships. Her formula has led to one hit after another throughout the past few years and here are our top 10 favorite songs from Ms. Swift:

Taylor Swift

10 – Tied Together With a Smile:

On her debut album Taylor Swift we got a taste of what the country music scene was going to get in the coming years. This song is one of our favorites off that record because it shows just how young and innocent she really was before turning into this megastar that we see today. The track tells the story about when she was younger and for some reason had such a huge smile on her face no matter what circumstances were going on in her life at the time, which gave everyone around her hope even though they knew better.

9 – Fearless:

One of the most important songs in Taylor Swift’s catalog, Fearless quickly became an anthem at major moments throughout high school and college for girls everywhere. It has become so popular that almost everyone knows what it’s about whether they want to bring up the fact that it was her father’s favorite song she ever wrote, or the lyrics encompass your entire life. It has so much meaning behind it and is definitely one of those songs you can turn on in any situation.

8 – “Love Story” (album: Fearless)

Taylor Swift was only 16 years old when she released ” Love Story “, her fourth single off her sophomore album Fearless . The song remained at number one for months until it was replaced by another song written by T-Swift herself: “You Belong With Me”.

7 – Mine:

When Taylor Swift’s album called Red was released there were so many great tracks on it that it would be impossible to put them all here on this list. However, one of the songs off of that record stood out at least for us because it showed how she has evolved since Fearless and her older country music days. The song is very different from anything she had done before which was a great way to show that not only did her sound change but her lyrics speak volumes by themselves without even giving you a hint of what she has gone through in past relationships.

6. “You Belong with Me” (album: Fearless)

The number two song on the list is ” You Belong With Me “, a single produced and co-written by Taylor Swift that was featured on her third studio album, Fearless . The song reached number 2 on Billboard Hot 100 and remained at the spot for three consecutive weeks. It came in as the most successful country crossover single of 2009.

5 – I Know Places:

One can only guess what inspired this track because it doesn’t really give us a particular story to tell about a past relationship but rather it seems to be an anthem for everyone going forward in life. The song details exactly how the media is always on her tail when she’s dating someone but it also shows us that no matter what they’ll never truly know who Taylor Swift really is as a person. This leads to our #5 choice from one of the best artists in music, Taylor Swift.

4 – Out Of The Woods:

In 2015, Taylor Swift dropped a new album called 1989 and featured two top 10 hits which makes it pretty hard not to include at least one song from that record on this list. We have already done so with Shake It Off and we’re back again with another track called Out of the Woods which might be our favorite tune from her entire discography at this point. It has all the makings to be a great song, catchy lyrics, and it’s definitely something different for Taylor Swift which makes us love it even more than we already do. If you haven’t heard by now, check it out!

3 – I Knew You Were Trouble:

Here is another track from her album called Red where she switched things up again with her sound because she’d gone through so many phases in the past that this one came off as almost an R&B style beat to back up some very important words about someone who just wasn’t ready to commit to her at the time. As expected, there are countless references about how much he hurt her after everything was said and done between them and this song belongs in our top 3 because of the way she delivered it and the words that came out of her mouth.

2 – All Too Well:

As we said earlier, this is without a doubt one of Taylor Swift’s most honest breakup songs to date which makes us think there might be more than just one person responsible for why she wrote such a beautiful ballad about what you go through during a breakup. It shows exactly what happens when someone comes into your life and changes everything as if they were never truly there at all before moving on with their lives as quickly as possible. Everything from the lyrics to her vocals will leave you speechless so do listen to it as soon as possible!

1 – Shake It Off:

As you know by now, Shake It Off lands at the #1 spot on this list because it gives us a glimpse into her past relationship experiences which were very well known throughout Hollywood. She touches on issues she faced in different relationships where people couldn’t accept who she really was all along and how it led to her having trouble with letting go of them because they meant so much to her in one way or another. The music video is also something else when you consider what she has gone through in the past couple of years thanks to dating Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, and others before settling down with current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. You can either listen to Shake It Off or watch the music video for this single if you want a reminder of all she’s been through and why we chose it as the best top 10 songs from Taylor Swift.

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