Top 10 ideas to decorate your home for Halloween

Halloween is coming in a week and we decided to make a top 10 for this year. But, don’t think we picked the most common and easy things you can do to decorate your home or party place. We picked some of our favorites and best ideas.

Best Idea For Halloween decoration

hallowene decor

1. Floating ghosties:

This is one of the simplest ideas that cost almost nothing (and it’s really easy to do). All you need is white balloons, black matte spray paint or ink pad, dry ice and hot water! You might want couple of ropes to tie the balloons together so they won’t fly away by themselves if they get loose from the weight of the “bodies” but you can also use pins for attaching the balloons to the ropes.

2. Headless horseman:

This one is also very easy and you can do it with almost everything that’s already in your home like a wall, window or door (door is definitely more challenging for this idea). Again, paint roller and matte black spray paint will be all you need. You can cut some branches from outside of your house to make it look even better!

3. Foggy graveyard:

This one doesn’t require much time or money if you have fog machine, fan and white sheet. To give it a creepy feeling just turn off all electricity in your house except room(s) where you are going to create this graveyard scene. It will be just like you’re in a horror movie. And if you’re talented enough, make it scary with ghosties or something else!

4. Pumpkin carving:

We know this is cliché but we still couldn’t leave it out (clever pun intended). If you want to carve your face instead of standard pumpkin’s one, that can also become very hilarious and memorable Halloween decoration for your home!

5. Front window scene:

This idea requires pre-planning because you can’t do it after dark (and there is no point doing it when the sun is up) so you need to decide on a scene before going shopping props or materials that you’ll need. Use your imagination and if possible find something that will be inside your house during Halloween (like a skull, cobweb etc).

6. Spiderwebs:

This easy decoration can be done anytime you’re willing to do it depending on how big is the area you want to cover with webs. You just have to have white spray paint or ink pad, tape and starch powder. No-brainer but very effective!

7. Front door skeleton:

This idea has many variations so you can mix up with our basics ideas like pumpkins for this purpose too! All you need is brown paint or an ink pad, old clothes and scissors. The depends on your imagination so have fun with it!

8. Black candles:

If you have some black candles you can turn them into very spooky Halloween home decoration just placing them on white paper with “blood” stains or googly eyes around or on them. Easy ideas are the best!

9. Wine bottles witch’s brew:

If you want to make something different for Halloween party drinks, try this witch’s cauldron idea. It will be definitely a conversation starter and pretty simple too. Just take wine bottles, green paint, googly eyes and craft knives (the last two things are optional, but they make your drink table look even better).

10. Skull lights:

Last but not least is a simple idea for a Halloween decoration that turns boring outdoor lights into creepy skull candles. Use any color you want and tape to attach them to your porch light but remember candles could be dangerous if they aren’t lit under close supervision!

So, that was our list of 10 best ideas for home Halloween decorations . We hope you liked them! Just pick the one or combinations of several ideas and make your home spookier this year. Remember it’s supposed to be fun so let yourself go and have a great time with family and friends.


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