Top 10 secrets about Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig is a small rodent that has become a beloved pet of many households. It is also referred to as ‘cavy’ and belongs to the family Caviidae. Though they are considered low maintenance, knowing some secrets about these creatures would help in their better care and management. Here we present 10 secrets about Guinea Pigs that every owner should be aware of.

guinea pig

1. Guinea pigs need hay or grass daily: They require hay daily for its digestive health as it helps them digest food more effectively and prevents obesity. Additionally, it provides them with essential nutrients needed for their growth & immunity boost.

2. Vitamin C is important for their well-being: Just like humans, guinea pigs too require Vitamin C for maintaining good health & avoiding diseases. Make sure to provide them with fresh fruits & vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C content.

3. Socialize with them: Engage in some bonding time with your guinea pig by playing, cuddling and talking to it. This will help them recognize you as their companion and make it easier for you both to bond better over time.

4. Be cautious about their diet: Guinea pigs have sensitive stomachs, so be very careful of what you offer them as food and treats. Avoid giving them too many of processed or sugary snacks; instead focus on providing more nutritious foods like dark leafy greens, carrots, etc., which will give them the required energy boost.

5. They communicate with squeaks and purrs: Guinea pigs communicate with each other using a variety of noises like squeaks, chirps, grunts and purrs. This helps them express their feelings which could range from contentment to fear or aggression.

6. Grooming is important: Make sure to groom your guinea pig regularly as they tend to shed plenty of fur. Also doing so will help in preventing skin infections & maintaining proper hygiene.

7. Give them enough space: As active animals, guinea pigs require sufficient space for exploration to keep themselves entertained and healthy. Keep providing them new toys & items that would stimulate their curiosity & encourage playtime activities every day.

8. Get them neutered: If you plan to keep two guinea pigs in the same enclosure, then it is best to get them neutered. This will help reduce aggression among them and make the environment safer for both of them.

9. Give them plenty of water: Water intake is essential for maintaining good health & hydration levels in guinea pigs. So make sure they have access to fresh drinking water all the time. Also, always use a clean bowl or bottle for providing water as unhygienic containers can cause infections later on.

10. Provide a safe environment: Guinea pigs are quite sensitive when it comes to loud noises and changes in their environment which might cause fear or anxiety issues in them. To avoid this, make sure to keep their enclosure secure & provide them with a peaceful atmosphere to live in.

These 10 secrets about guinea pigs will make sure you offer the best care for your furry friend and enjoy the experience of being an owner even more.

and remember, no matter how big or small your pet is, it always deserves your love and attention. So take some time out from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with them! For more information on Guinea Pigs, feel free to check out our website. Thank you!

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