Top 10 Unique Idea For Thanksgiving Dinner

Tired of eating the same Thanksgiving dinner year after year? Why not try something new this year? Here are 10 alternative ways to celebrate the holiday.

thanksging dinner

10. Turkey is always a nice centerpiece, but why not bring out the inner carnivore in everyone and make steak for Thanksgiving? There is no better meat than steak, especially when it’s coated in pepper.

9. Instead of costly holidays go to an expensive restaurant, have your own fondue party at home! All you need is some cheese, garlic bread, and wine! You can even get fancy by serving chocolate fondue too!

8. Why eat turkey on Thanksgiving when you could indulge in sushi instead? When served fresh sushi is truly one of life’s great pleasures! It’s also better than turkey because it’s way healthier!

7. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to help save the environment! Try eating pumpkin pie made out of nothing but pumpkins, corn, and oatmeal. It may not taste as good as the traditional version, but you’ll feel so much more satisfied knowing that your eating an animal-friendly meal!

6. Since becoming vegan is all the rage these days why not give it a try for Thanksgiving? Serve up some tofu turkey with some mushroom stuffing along with some green bean almondine. It may not be anything like what grandma used to make but at least its cruelty-free!

5. Mayonnaise makes everything better, including Thanksgiving dinner! Try making your own homemade mayonnaise and add in whatever your heart desires. Then smear this mayo all over a turkey-shaped piece of toast and eat it. 4 Give thanks for life by stopping animal abuse! Serve up some veggies for Thanksgiving dinner, with a side of carrots or two.

3. Instead of eating turkey try getting high on cannabis edibles! Make your own pot brownies, pumpkin pies with marijuana-infused whipped cream, and even regular old ganja turkey! You’ll have the time of your life while watching everyone else stuff their faces with dry turkey!

2. Why not come together as a family and play board games after dinner? It’s way more fun than arguing about politics during dinner anyway! There are tons of board games to choose from nowadays so you can’t go wrong! And last but certainly not least, for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner try out some new recipes. Turkey is always nice, but why not mix it up a little and make chicken or even ham? Pumpkin pie is basic. Why not try apple pie or blueberry pie instead? And don’t forget to add an extra side of cranberry sauce with it! Bon appetit!

Merry Thanksgiving everyone!

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