Top 15 secrets About Dororo

Dororo is a 2019 Japanese period live-action film directed by Akihiko Shiota and based on the 1967 manga series of the same name by Osamu Tezuka. The film was released in Japan on January 25, 2019.


1. The movie’s protagonist, Hyakkimaru, is based on the titular character from the 1967 Dororo manga series by Osamu Tezuka.

2. The film is set in feudal Japan during the Warring States period.

3.Hyakkimaru is born without any limbs or facial features due to a pact his father made with 48 demons.

4. In order to get his body back, Hyakkimaru must kill the demons that possess it.

5. As he travels across Japan, he meets a young orphan named Dororo who joins him on his quest.

6. The film’s title is a combination of the two protagonists’ names, “Dororo” and “Hyakkimaru”.

7. The movie was shot entirely in Japan, with locations including Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara Prefecture.

8. To create the CGI for Hyakkimaru’s missing limbs and facial features, over 100 motion-capture sensors were used.

9. Japanese actor tofubeats composed the film’s score.

10. The movie’s theme song is “Kimi no Na Wa” by singer-songwriter Gen Hoshino.

11. The film was distributed by Toho in Japan and will be released internationally by GKIDS.

12. Dororo was selected as the opening film for the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival.

13. It was also screened at the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

14. The movie received mixed reviews from Japanese critics.

15. Dororo grossed ¥133 million at the Japanese box office.

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