Top 7 Horror Movies Look Forward To In Halloween 2021

If you are one of the many Halloween enthusiasts who have an affinity for scary movies, then this article is perfect for you. Here are the top seven horror movies look forward to in October 2021, just in time for Halloween. Let’s start now !!!

Horror Movie

Antlers – October 29

Antlers movie

Antlers is a new horror film by director Scott Cooper, who also made 2007’s hit dark comedy-drama Elia Black Hawk Down. The movie follows Julia Meadows (Keri Russell) – a teacher living in Oregon and her brother Paul on their journey to help out and protect Lucas when they discover he has been keeping an unknown creature inside his house with him for years without telling anyone else but them.

Malignant – September 10

Malignant movie

Malignant is a psychological horror film that follows Madison on her journey to find out what truth behind the scenes of bloody murder in her dreams. The movie was shrouded by James Wan, who withheld plot details until around July 2021 – two months before its release date- leaving audiences with only clues as they follow this interesting heroine’s search for answers about why she keeps seeing these horrific visions while also being plagued by worsening physical symptoms such as insomnia or vivid hallucinations along their own individual journeys throughout discovering more information than anyone could have imagined at first glance

Halloween Kills – October 15

Halloween Kills movie

The highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Halloween, Halloween Kills will finally be in theaters on October 15th. The film follows Michael Myers escaping from a burning house moments ago and continuing his rampage throughout Haddonfield while Karen and Allyson accompany Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) back home before joining other townspeople like Tommy Doyle for one showdown against “The Shape” where they can end up taking him down once-and-for-all time!

We Need To Do Something – September 3, 2021

We Need To Do Something movie

For fans of slow-burn horror like Hereditary comes We Need To Do Something, a terrifying film that centers on the family who find themselves stuck in an elevator during a violent storm. Over time, they become more and more desperate to get out as days turn into weeks without any help from authorities–but what’s worse than being trapped alone?

There’s Someone Inside Your House – September 6, 2021

Theres Someone Inside Your House movie

New Netflix horror offerings this year include the slasher film There’s Someone Inside Your House, based on a novel of the same name. It’s about an exchange student who moves to Nebraska and finds herself in the center of some gruesome murder cases when she starts wearing masks made out of lifelike material while killing people. Yep- here comes all those chills!

Last Night In Soho – October 29, 2021

Last Night In Soho movie

Last Night in Soho, a new movie from Edgar Wright and Thomasin McKenzie comes four years after their last film together. Eloise is a young, modern woman in present-day New York City who suddenly finds herself transported back to 1966 London. She has only one possession that changes with each time period: her clothes! At first glance, you’d think this girl must have really wanted fame but before long we discover why our protagonist has such ambitions for herself while still living below the poverty line.

Lamb – October 8, 2021

Lamb movie


A24 has made a name for itself over the years with its uniquely bizarre horror films and they’re continuing this tradition with Lamb. The movie is about Noomi Rapace’s character, who discovers an “unexpected newborn” on her farm while out looking after their animals one night in Iceland. She takes it under her wing, almost like she was raised as a lamb herself. She treasures all the time that has been put into raising them properly until they can be released back into nature-though we don’t know what will happen if someone doesn’t find them first!


It’s time to start planning your Halloween movie night! With these seven upcoming horror movies, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy for a spooktacular evening with friends or family this year!

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